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Fashion Audio - Black Ikat

Fashion Audio - Black Ikat

It’s always nice when I get a chance to actually try audio gear so I can recommend things with confidence. I mean – speakers and turntables are easy to test out and so are headphones. Earbuds, however…not quite as easy. For obvious reasons, neither trade show exhibitors nor attendees are too eager to put a couple pairs of earbuds through the ear canals of the masses so, whenever I get a sample pair to test, I’m eager to do so. These ChicBuds from Fashion Audio, I honestly didn’t have high expectations for as super-kewt typically doesn’t equal super great sounding. I must say that I was wrong. These are actually some of the best earbuds I’ve used in a long time! The fit is perfect, the sound is great for the price point (under $30!) and the cords really don’t tangle (my bag is the ultimate testing ground for this, trust me). The one thing is that they fit SO well that I tend to take one out when I’m walking down the street at night because they’re almost earplug-esque in their canal blocking prowess and I like to be aware of my surroundings. But yeah – add these to the list of earbuds that you can buy for yourself or as a gift with confidence!

– Nicole Johnson

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