1 October 2013 Stuff We Like

JBL - MM OnBeat Xtreme Bluetooth (Black)

JBL - MM OnBeat Xtreme Bluetooth (Black)

In all seriousness Bluetooth technology is the shit. I know what you’re thinking and yes I also hate those idiots that look like they are talking to themselves. But I love being able to ride my bike and listen to music with no wires attached. I love listening to music off my phone wherever. So when I saw the JBL MM on beat extreme I was very excited. Now instead of having some cheap speaker blaring out my music I could have this beautiful speaker set blasting me with audio delights. This thing also has a dock so you can attach your iPad and watch movies in style. The speaker system can also connect to your television set to give your audio quality an extra bump. It also has a built in speaker if you like to talk on a giant speaker phone which I guess would be nice for something like facetime. This is a nice addition to any home and the name says it all, beat extreme.

– Joe Gonzalez

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