4 October 2013 Stuff We Like

Arthur Russell - Another Thought

Arthur Russell - Another Thought

Today we say goodbye to the person who showed me the ropes here at Insound. When I first started here I sometimes felt like a bit of an outsider as far as music taste goes, but Celeste and I would shoot the shit talking about ambient and new wave records over sandwiches from DLD. We’ve shared a lot of music since those initial days, so I had to think pretty hard about a proper record to send her off with. I racked my brain thinking of our shared favorites, stuff she gave me, stuff I gave her, anything that we hadn’t already written blogs about. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Eventually I settled on what might be one of the absolute best records of all time.

Another Thought captures that feeling of saying goodbye so well. Hints of melancholy, excited moments, looking forward and at the same time looking back. She’ll make fun of me for singling out my favorite song, but listen to “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” and tell me that isn’t the perfect encapsulation of that feeling. Saying goodbye sucks and it won’t be the same here without you, but you’re on to bigger and better things out there. See ya’ around lame-o.

– Clay Wilson

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