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Fashion Audio - Retro Poppy

Fashion Audio - Retro Poppy

I'm not too crazy about earbuds in general, but let's be real: they are a necessary evil. Even if you have a really slick pair of over-ear headphones, there are still plenty of situations where you just gotta have earbuds. At least this pair looks cool, if you feel like mixing it up a bit from the standard Apple earbuds or that 7 dollar kind from Best Buy. These headphones have successfully eliminated the #1 most annoying thing about the aforementioned types of earbuds -- the tangled cord. Yes, that's right, by some kind of weird magic (it's flat) the cord of this very pair of headphones DOES NOT TANGLE. Unbelievable. Flat cords. Who saw that one coming? I normally wouldn't want to drop this chunk of change on a pair of earbuds since I constantly lose or break them, but I could make an exception for a cord that doesn't tangle. Get 'em while they're still on sale!

– Kelsey Radcliffe

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