15 July 2014 Stuff We Like

Bellari - VP130 Tube Phono Preamp

Bellari - VP130 Tube Phono Preamp

I recently re-discovered Marc Maron via Thinky Pain on a redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York. I regrettably had dismissed him after watching the first few episodes of his television show, thinking I couldn’t relate or that it was too dark for me. But who was I kidding, everyone enjoys the dark stuff, it’s just about catching you at the right time. Anyway, Maron discusses his mid-life crisis during the special and how he was lucky it was something reasonable, vinyl! He also goes on about how he bought at tube amp because that’s what true record collectors use if you want your music to sound pure. This got me thinking, I own a lot of records, I really enjoy listening to them, and I even work for an online record store; why don’t I own a tube amp?

– Mike B.

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