25 July 2014 Stuff We Like

Flud - Yo! MTV Raps Watch (Clear/Teal/Purple)

Flud - Yo! MTV Raps Watch (Clear/Teal/Purple)

The other day while strolling around the East Village, I stopped into Urban Outfitters. It should not be surprising to anyone that the ‘90s are “cool” now, but I was shocked to the degree that almost every single article of clothing I saw resembled something I had in my closet in the actual ‘90s…and real talk, they weren’t that cool then. So many flowers, so much baby doll, jelly sandals galore, massively-soled sneakers. Were there chokers? Was there crushed velvet? Probably. It’s all a blur.

But, while I don’t want to relive the “fashion” of my middle and high school days…there are some aspects of the ‘90s that I still love and never stopped loving. ‘90s hip hop is near the top of that list, fighting it out with Clueless, Saved by the Bell and The Cosby Show. This Yo! MTV Raps watch from Flud definitely brings me back to a time when MTV was on in my house for almost all of my waking hours, watching video after video after video while getting ready for school, doing homework or talking on the phone all night. WHAT’S THE HAPS ON THE CRAPS?!

– Nicole Johnson

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