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Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (10th Anniversary Edition)

Modest Mouse - The Moon & Antarctica (10th Anniversary Edition)

I went to the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium this past weekend. It’s a tennis stadium turned venue in Queens that has just recently started hosting shows again. Brand New and Modest Mouse were co-headlining a show there – and Wikipedia tells me the capacity of the venue is 14,000 so basically I relived my adolescent, most annoying, years with 13,999 other people this past weekend. It was very satisfying to hear thousands of too-old to be singing along with these angsty lyrics grown men and women, doing just that. And while both bands would earn spots in my overall top ten favorite life bands list - - I think Modest Mouse won the show. They’re one of those bands that changes up the set list from show to show so you can’t go on setlist.fm right before and know exactly what you’re going to hear (I hate surprises). Fortunately, there was a lot of good stuff – “Ocean Breathes Salty”, “Doin’ the Cockroach”, “The World at Large” - - and about four tracks from The Moon & Antarctica, easily one of the best MM albums. These guys have been around for almost 14 years, they’ve had Johnny fucking Marr play with them, and Isaac Brock is still knocking it out of the ballpark (tennis stadium) with his live shows; choosing them to be band of the week was a no brainer – now, if only we had Good News on vinyl…

– Anna K

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