12 August 2014 Stuff We Like

Beatz Buddy - South Park Cartman

Beatz Buddy - South Park Cartman

A good part of my job Involves searching for things to ship out - LP's turntables, posters, speakers, you name it. I've come across things I had no idea that we sold, and some things I wondered why we sold them- Bobble heads, tooth picks, cheese graters, a whole list of unusual stuff. However, I was caught really off guard when I was looking for a speaker, and came across "the boys" - Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and butters. The main cast of south Park as portable Beatz Buddies, each at about 3" tall. A perfect gift for your hardcore south park fan, it's a way cooler gift than Cartman's Dawson's creek trapper keeper. The figures are small enough that they can fit in your pocket, but definitely have a good, loud sound, unsurprising considering the mouth on all of the boys. Bonus points if you use it to play Primus.

– Max Kristich

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