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Grace Digital - Ecoterra Waterproof Stereo Boombox (Orange)

Grace Digital - Ecoterra Waterproof Stereo Boombox (Orange)

The Ecoterras aren’t the only waterproof speakers we sell, but they are by far the most badass. What other speakers have an official description that encourages users to throw them into water? With 25 hours of battery power and a rugged design that protects your gear from dirt, snow, sand, heat, and shock, the Ecoterra is truly built to withstand just about anything you think to put it through.

Despite its robust construction, the Ecoterra is only 4 pounds, so portability isn’t a problem. It’s equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and caribiner clips as well as a compartment to store necessities like your keys and wallet. This utilitarian boombox will definitely work for you as you disco in your whitewater kayak/karaoke with woodland fauna/drown to sweet sweet tunes.

Speaking of drowning— those like me who cannot swim will be pleased to know that the Ecoterra floats and may therefore literally save your life.**

Upgrade your waterwings/speaker system today and pick up the Ecoterra in orange or black.

**probably not, though

– Shannon Lawrence

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