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Justin Thomas Kay - Vinyl Is Forever Edition 04 - Tote Bag

Justin Thomas Kay - Vinyl Is Forever Edition 04 - Tote Bag

Have you heard the good news? Vinyl is forever. Records are great, man. Until you have to carefully pack them into dozens of boxes for an out-of-state move in the middle of summer from a third floor walk-up. I find myself wondering how I accumulated SO MANY RECORDS. Stuff I don’t need or want. Dollar bin finds. Thrift store junk purchased solely for weird cover art. Records I snagged from our damaged bin, records I impulse-purchased as an intern that I still haven’t opened…you get the idea. Now I’m silently cursing myself, wondering why my record hoarding tendencies had to reach a fever-pitch in my final months as a resident here because I DO NOT FEEL LIKE MOVING THAT MESS.

You know what else I have a lot of? Tote bags. No human being needs 30+ tote bags, yet here we are. This particular tote marries the two things I can’t seem to get enough of, in case you are not like me and could use a few more tote bags.

Ps. Anyone wanna help me move?

– Kelsey Radcliffe

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