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Greys - If Anything (Deluxe Edition)

Greys - If Anything (Deluxe Edition)

Guys, why do we still have the deluxe edition of this album in stock?! The colored vinyl version has been sold out at the label and at the merch table for a hot minute. Limited to 500 copies on dark grey vinyl and you know – being a fantastically loud rock record, you really get the whole package for around $10. Greys are from Toronto, which is basically the new Montreal – seems like every band I’m into lately is from there – and they’re pretty rad dudes on top of making music that makes me want to jump around and scream along. If Anything swings between hard-driving punk and ‘90s indie riffs, with any respites only underscoring the group’s anthemic inclinations and focus on hooks. Bonus: They’re also going to be our next Insound session, so keep an eye out if you’re already a fan. If you’re not, just go ahead and stream the first couple of tracks of the album from their Bandcamp – or better yet, try to catch them live – they’re playing in Massachusetts tonight and tomorrow, and have several shows in Ontario afterwards.

I wish I could drink more
I wish I could drink less
I wish I didn't hate all the prayers
Wish I wasn't fat
Wish I wasn't so fragile
I wish I could be myself
I wish that I could relate
I wish someone would write a song about me for a change

-“Use Your Delusion”

– Anna Krukowska

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