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Bass Drum of Death - Shattered Me

Bass Drum of Death - Shattered Me

It’s been two years since the release of GB City and honestly I don’t think I could have waited much longer for new Bass Drum of Death. Luckily, the boys from Mississippi have delivered with two new tracks in anticipation of their upcoming self-titled album which drops June 25th on Innovative Leisure. The a-side track “Shattered Me” encompasses everything perfect that Bass Drum of Death does. It’s got their fuzzy, fast guitar, catchy melodies and overall pop-punk perfection. These two gems also come in the rare form of an 8-inch, which is not something that I can say I own. We can also look forward to bass-lines on each of the eleven tracks for the self-titled release, something not featured on their previous releases. These dudes just embarked on a small tour before the release of the album, so if they happen to come through your city I’d highly suggest checking them out. Their live show transformed me into a super-fan.

You and me, collecting shattered dreams
Now I’m not sure what I’ve known
I suppose it’s not what’s meant to be
Then take my lips and kiss my bones

– Mike Bollbach

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