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Caribou - Up in Flames (Reissue)

Caribou - Up in Flames (Reissue)

The truly groundbreaking, masterful Up in Flames defies all attempts at genre classification. Is it indie rock, electronic, 60’s inspired loopy psychedelic; how ‘bout all of the above!? Who cares what you call it. Originally released under the moniker Manitoba in 2003, aside from being a magnificent feat in and of itself, it set the table for Caribou’s illustrious musical career…but then hindsight does tend to be 20/20.

At least, for me, Up in Flames is very emotionally evocative in that it could serve as the soundtrack to my life. Whether I’m witnessing a beautiful sunset or caught in a nail-biting traffic jam, there’s something here for every phase of the day. It’s particularly great for the days when you feel the candle burning at both ends. Its times like those when the title seems incredibly apt. I strongly suggest that you play the whole album when you’re at your wit’s (or should I say wick’s) end. I promise you’ll come out of it feeling strangely replenished. Lose yourself in it. Feeling zonked out? Take this little trip. You won’t be sorry.

Among my favorite tracks on Up in Flames is “jacknutted” which could very easily rival anything from Kid A or even Hail to the Thief. I say this as a self-anointed Radiohead freak. “Kid You’ll Move Mountains” will make you feel as if you can. If you long for the simplicity of childhood, turn up “Crayons” Need a pick-me-up in the middle of a hectic workday? Be sure to turn up “Every Time She Turns Around it’s Her Birthday.” Happy Listening!

– Melissa Miccio

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