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ION - Vinyl Forever

ION - Vinyl Forever

Working in a record store has enabled me to continue my long addiction to vinyl. I love the sound of the crackles and pops as the needle hits the grooves. I love the actual idea of owning a physical copy of something and not just a bunch of ones and zeros. But the problem with records is that they take up way too much space and are heavy. This would be ok if I was stationary but living in New York you usually move more than once. So I have decided to start paring my collection to make it more manageable. But I don’t want to lose all this music so ION’s Vinyl Forever to the rescue. Vinyl Forever is a USB recorder that connects your turntable or tapedeck to your computer. By using the software provided you can convert your vinyl or tapes to mp3s. Vinyl Forever is easy to use and will work with mac or PC.

– Joe Gonzalez

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