21 May 2013 Stuff We Like

Music Hall - Mooo Mat

Music Hall - Mooo Mat

First off, let it be known that this item should be purchased solely on the name alone – Mooo Mat. It doesn’t get much better than that when it comes to slip mats. Honestly, slip mats are more often than not a simple necessity rather than a creative outlet for vinyl accessory designers. I’m glad that Music Hall has, yet again, stepped up to the plate to fill the void of innovative turntable slip mats. As any connoisseur knows, for years the Music Hall cork slip mat has been one of the best ones around, but now it faces competition from the superiorly-named Mooo Mat.

Made from real cowhide (sorry, vegans), this mat will provide more than sufficient protection for your records while on your turntable, specializing in preventing vibration and static electricity. Plus, it looks pretty bad ass. Couldn’t afford that cowhide rug? Invest in a cowhide slip mat for the time being. It is both aesthetically and scientifically worth the money.

I know I’m pretty pumped to get that felt off my turntable and upgrade to a Mooo Mat.

– Celeste Classon

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