18 June 2013 Stuff We Like

Vers Audio - 2Q (Walnut)

Vers Audio - 2Q (Walnut)

Although I own a couple iDevices, I'd never had a portable bluetooth speaker to pair them with until just recently, when I decided to spring for a Vers 2Q. It was one of those purchases where you're not quite sure how much you'll actually use the thing, but it seemed like it'd be nice to have around. I imagined myself using it for picnics, maybe at the beach. Once I actually brought it home, I found myself using it all the time- whether listening to podcasts, or putting on some music in a room where you don't have a stereo, the Vers 2Q is much louder than the speaker in your phone or tablet (I haven't actually cranked the thing all the way up yet) and the sound quality is pretty good too. Granted any portable speaker like this is going to compromise a little on sound, but for the form factor, the 2Q sounds pretty great. The casing is real wood (in this case, walnut), the battery lasts forever, and it will pair with any device that supports bluetooth audio- it was a pleasant surprise that it would pair with my MacBook (it will pair with non-Apple devices too!). For a music lover that needs to fall back to digital every once in a while, it's a great tool to have in your belt.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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