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Weekend - Jinx

Weekend - Jinx

Not the record you’d expect from a band hailing from San Fran, and not the record you’d expect to get in the middle of summer. But so so good. Since 2010’s Sports the members of Weekend have made a cross-country move to NYC and dropped a lot of the shoegaze fuzz you may have come to expect. Their transition from Sports to 2011’s Red EP is only furthered on Jinx – upping the melody but still keeping the mood dark. I’ve played their first single from the new album, “Mirror” at least once a day since it was posted. “I feel sick, sick, sick, si-iiick, in my heart.” I feel like fans of A Place to Bury Strangers, The Cure, would be super into this record. We were also lucky enough to get a promo version of the album so that’s been on heavy rotation – totally turning me from an “Oh yeah Weekend is pretty cool” to “Weekend is definitely a band you need to pay attention to” fan. And it may be a bit premature to say - - but I can also see Jinx holding down a spot in my top 10 of 2013 list.

– Anna Krukowska

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