12 December 2011 Stuff We Like

Radiohead - Dirty, Organic US Made (Black)

Radiohead - Dirty, Organic US Made (Black)

We used to carry this shirt last year in a cream color but it was discontinued before I had a chance to pick it up for myself. So, when the black version arrived in our office, I was ecstatic! It’s even better this time around since it actually resembles the In Rainbows cover. Shirts that blatantly say the band’s name are fun and all, if you want to be THAT guy – but subtlety is better if you’re looking to be more alt. And not to say “15 Step” is my fave Radiohead song (it isn’t even close), I’m just a big fan of how this can also double as just being really snarky. For the Radiohead fan, for the passively bitchy sarcastic friend, or for anyone who’s really into things like having their shirt made from recycled plastic bottles (which is nuts btw!).

– Anna Krukowska

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