21 March 2012 Stuff We Like

Chairlift - Something

Chairlift - Something

So I admit, Something does not need a recognition boost, having already been applauded by the likes of Pitchfork, Rough Trade, and NME. Not to mention a previous “Stuff We Like” nod from our own John Siegel back on February 1. Nevertheless, why not offer another chance to snag this gem at 15% off, for those of you that have been waffling for the last couple of months?

This record has personally been a go to pick-me-up lately, which I’m sad to say is necessary given my standing in the basement of our Insound March Madness pool. I love the ‘80s pop sensibility and the whimsical, if not nonsensical, lyrics and choreography of YouTube sensation, “Amanamonesia.” It’s like amnesia for my troubles.

Speaking of videos, if you haven’t seen the follow-up video for “Met Before,” you should open a second tab and do so right now. The video plays like a classic ‘80s “Choose Your Own Adventure” series book, where you control the plot, which is undeniably rad. This left me feeling nostalgic for childhood, and as a former research scientist, nostalgic for doing laboratory experiments.

So, do yourself a solid...welcome in the “Pop Tarts and sunshine” feeling of Spring with open arms by spinning this feel-good friend. As my friend Erick would say, it’s not just good, it’s punch your grandmother good. Speaking of which, call your grandmother, she’d love to hear from you. Tell her that you bought this record. Maybe she’ll invite you over for tea, and you can listen together on her old Victrola.

– Ryan Doonan

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