19 April 2012 Stuff We Like

Pterodactyl - Spills Out

Pterodactyl - Spills Out

Do you ever wish Real Estate were slightly less easy going? That Women were just a smidge more fun? That Animal Collective (even just once in a while) was a bit more rocking? If any of these apply, I'll assume the only reason you're not listening to (and loving) Spills Out is that you haven't heard it yet. On their album Spills Out, Pterodactyl carve out their own sweet spot between all these bands. This is the best kind of pop album, both technical and catchy, substantial and over too fast; ranging from the sugar-high burst-out-of-the-gates of “School Glue,” through the haunting grooves of the middle section, to the explosive if slightly more discordant closer, “Aphasia,” there is no filler here. If it hadn't come out last year, Spills Out would be a contender for my favorites of 2012. I suspect it slipped under most of our radars on its release; here's another chance.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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