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Actress - R.I.P.

Actress - R.I.P.

Let me be clear up front: If you're looking for an album with which to make your first tiny toe-dips into the waters of electronic music, R.I.P. is not for you. Even for me (not an expert by any means, but somebody who's clocked a decent number of hours in the genre), the new release from Actress proved a bit daunting initially. Though many of the songs do offer a steady beat and melodic bits that might pass for hooks, they are often subdued and/or accompanied by more abstract elements which keep the listener off kilter. Your casual pop sugar fix this is not.

If, on the other hand, you're coming from artists like Four Tet, Caribou, or Burial and looking to dig a bit deeper, or simply plunge head-first into the more abstract reaches of electronica (an action I wholeheartedly endorse), R.I.P. is a great place to start. Give it a little time, and these initially flat, imposing landscapes prove lush enough to get lost in. In a collection of small motions, even the smallest variations prove radical.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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