9 May 2012 Stuff We Like

Breton - Other People's Problems

Breton - Other People's Problems

Full disclosure: I had heard this record a couple of times and did not have very strong feelings towards the band / the music. It was OKAY.

At least half of our office was absolutely psyched on this album from day one. In fact, I’m a bit surprised no one else has contributed a Stuff We Like write-up for the record considering how often it’s played in our office. In any case – that was back then – when I wasn’t a full-on Breton fan. So silly, and young. I wouldn’t be friends with that girl if I met her. What changed, say you? Well, due to an entirely healthy appreciation for We Were Promised Jetpacks (Breton’s label-mates) – I happened to catch Breton live, in concert, two nights in a row. It’s not very often that an “opener” leaves me absolutely floored but the whole audio/visual package on stage, the charisma of the lead singer, the fabulous drumming technique, that other guy who made it look like playing the drum machine was the coolest thing in the world and the full on commitment of every single member to deliver a great performance – well, 100 feet away, you can tell. And you appreciate it. Because with bands coming and going so fast, it’s easy to spot the ones that aren’t transient and thrive off of creating and performing.

For those who have never heard of Breton, imagine the intensity of The Streets, with the electro vibe of Miike Snow. Pepper in some guitar (albeit toned down) of Bloc Party – because, they’re also British, and I like them, and three related artists is better than two. Also – start with these songs: “Jostle”, “Wood and Plastic”, and “Governing Correctly.” Then you’ll be on track to appreciate the rest of their material that kids in the UK have been raving about for months before you. Who knew the time difference also correlated with a coolness factor? (Sorry, California. You still have Best Coast.)

– Anna Krukowska

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