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Spoon - A Series of Sneaks (Reissue)

Spoon - A Series of Sneaks (Reissue)

Everybody loves Spoon. Can you believe they've been around for almost 18 years, and have released seven full-lengths? Crazy, I know. So I'd forgive you if you haven't gotten around to checking out A Series of Sneaks, but do yourself a favor and move it to the top of your list. Even on their second full length, a lot of the elements we've come to love about Spoon are already there. Note the trademark minimal arrangements and production, each element perfectly placed within the song and mix for maximum impact. Britt Daniels' excellent guitar work is front and center (they hadn't really branched into keyboards and piano yet), and he cranks out some of my favorite riffs in their entire oeuvre.

The lyrics run a bit more impressionistic than later releases, and the heavy reliance on hooks (oh the hooks!) and the hit-em-hard-and-get-out nature of most of the songs make the album somewhat reminiscent of Bee Thousand-era Guided by Voices, though you'd never mistake the one for the other. The constituent elements may appear deceptively simple on first listen, but further spins reveal both the surprising range and attention to sonic detail that mark all their subsequent releases.

All this, and a perfect roadtrip album for any summer excursions you have planned. No, you don't have to bring the vinyl along- the reissue comes with a digital download of the original album, plus two bonus tracks. What more could you want?

– Jeffrey Woldan

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