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The Men - Immaculada

The Men - Immaculada

This showed up in the office at the end of last week. Although we here at Insound HQ work hard to be in the know, it seemed none of us were sure what it was at first. At least, most of us weren't expecting copies of Deranged Records' latest repressing of The Men's first full-length LP that day. I'm a bit surprised that most of them are still around a week later, seeing as Leave Home and Open Your Heart have been quick movers with both Insound customers and staff.

As you might expect, Immaculada has a lot in common with Leave Home- the scuzzy, red lined production, the sizable mounds of feedback, and the buried/frequently absent vocals. Also present: that sense of exhilaration in making music you love, regardless of scenes or labels. And while certainly less so than Open Your Heart, Immaculada is arguably more upbeat in mood than it's successor, to the extent that if their original release dates were swapped, I wouldn't think twice.

What I'm saying is, if you dug The Men's more recent releases, you'll like this too.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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