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Chromatics - Night Drive (Deluxe Edition)

Chromatics - Night Drive (Deluxe Edition)

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I fell in love with Chromatic's latest here in the Insound offices on a couple of early Saturday mornings. I was the only one in at the time, and the already reverb- and atmosphere-heavy release seemed to gain in extra resonance in that quiet, open space. Kill for Love was my first experience with Chromatics, but I quickly began to seek out their earlier Italians Do It Better releases- so as we continue to wait for the vinyl release of Kill for Love, let's talk about its predecessor, Night Drive.

While not quite as expansive as Kill for Love, Night Drive shows most of the elements of the later release already in place. Atmospheric solitude and longing, and a mastery of production which brings life to the whole proceedings? Check. A mix of instrumental and vocal tracks? Check. A perfect cover of a classic pop/rock tune? Check.

Whereas Kill for Love leads with Neil Young's rumination on fame and rock mythology, Night Drive opens with a telephone conversation, and what follows is ultimately a bit smaller and more streamlined, focusing more on the personal than the universal. Though I find myself reaching more often for the larger, sweeping panorama of its successor, Night Drive is clearly also worthy of your time, and - good news! - we don't have to pick just one.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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