20 November 2012 Stuff We Like

Audioengine - D1 Premium 24/96 DAC

Audioengine - D1 Premium 24/96 DAC

We love vinyl here at Insound, but we don't listen to all our music that way. Maybe you're still waiting for the vinyl release of your favorite mixtape. Maybe, for your holiday gathering, you just want to push play and not worry about it. Maybe you're just feeling lazy. Whatever the reason, you'll still want the best sound quality you can get, and the D1 Premium 24/96 DAC from Audioengine will help you (or the audiophile on your gift list) get there. Simply connect this to your computer via USB or optical cable and plug in your headphones or stereo receiver. This DAC (digital-to-analog converter) will bypass your computer's built in soundcard, using it's own superior hardware to process the signal. Long story short: you'll experience audiophile quality sound at an affordable price.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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