4 December 2012 Stuff We Like

Bone Collection - Horn Stand

Bone Collection - Horn Stand

Are you like me, in that you didn’t feel compelled to give Apple more money by upgrading to the iPhone 5? You sir or madam are in luck if you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to play music or podcasts out loud with your iPhone 4. Aren’t you like me, in that you like to stream Radio Lab while cleaning grime from the crevices of your shower tiles with a toothbrush? This obviously isn’t an audiophile speaker, but it delivers enough sound to hear the familiar and comforting voices of Jad and Robert without echo or distortion. Nice one, Bone Collection. Although I do not understand why you named your company Bone Collection. Well, after consulting your website, I see that “Bone” was inspired by the word “Born”. Hmmmm, why not Born Collection? Maybe that is already the name of the next Jason Bourne movie?

– Ryan Doonan

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