7 December 2012 Stuff We Like

Burial - One/Two EP

Burial - One/Two EP

Have you guys heard the new Burial EP? Me neither, but that hasn't stopped me from getting super excited. William Bevan's musical output has been on an upward slope for a while now, but with his last EP, he seemed to blow past any previously established barriers of format and composition. From the information we have on this one - two tracks with a combined runtime of 25:32 - I'd expect it to share a similar DNA. But who knows? Every artist comes to that point where they bust out that Christmas album. Maybe December 18th will bring Winter Wonderland b/w Frosty (don't quote me on that one). Regardless, what better way to bring on the Christmas cheer than with clattering, mechanical beats and echoing, disembodied vocals? Treat yo self.

– Jeffrey Woldan

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