18 December 2012 Stuff We Like

Crosley Turntable - CR8005A Cruiser (Green)

Crosley Turntable - CR8005A Cruiser (Green)

Honestly, I have never owned a Crosley. When you invest as much money in vinyl as I do, you figure you might as well invest more money in your turntable. Nevertheless, Crosley aims to serve the largest market of vinyl fans, from novices, to thrift store collectors, to the dorm room crowd. Although I don’t fall in to any of those demographics, I have to say that Crosley is stepping up their game in designing cool-looking turntables with versatile features. In particular, I really like this green Crosley Cruiser. It comes in a lot of other colors, but this particular shade of “grellow” is my favorite. I have quite a few friends that love music but don’t listen to vinyl, and I was seriously considering buying some of them this turntable for Christmas. That was until my wife said no. So Jerome, if you’re reading this, enjoy that coffee table book, buddy. I’m sure you will enjoy it much more than the used Shai record I also found for you.

– Ryan Doonan

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