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Boom Dock - Mini Boombox iPod Dock

Boom Dock - Mini Boombox iPod Dock

There is a popular interpretation of life that the things that affect the course of one’s existence are the smallest parts. A butterfly flaps its wings and you are a rocket scientist. A sliding door keeps you from the train and you are framed for murder. You hit the snooze button one too many times and someone steals your identity. This is comforting in a sense. I would like to think that my station in life is the sum of twenty-six years of choosing the wrong cereal every morning. However, this way of looking at things goes against the two extreme views of how existence might work. If everything is already predetermined by what comes before it, there is no sense blaming the butterfly. If we are the masters of our own free will, minutiae won’t matter. I am sorry, Ashton Kutcher.

So what does it matter if you have an expensive speaker system or a cute speaker system? These are not choices over which you should struggle. Your lot in life will not depend on the size of your boom box.

– John Siegel

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