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Mark Fell - Sentielle objectif actualité

Mark Fell - Sentielle objectif actualité

Mark Fell has been producing some really mind blowing work for a long time now. Since the late 90s his brand of weird angular techno under his own name, and with collaborator Mat Steel as SND has been confusing dancers and home listeners alike. While these early results were certainly enjoyable to those of us with a penchant for odd rhythms and textures, last year's Sentielle objectif actualité really seemed to settle down into a middle ground of dance music's smooth flowing grooves and the strangest of SND's mathematical rhythmic experiments. This new middle ground is perhaps due to the fact that Sentielle is actually a collection of Fell's remixes of older material.

The hypnotic nature of Sentielle objectif actualités tracks is maybe a little hard to latch on to at first. A pretty wild hybrid of techno and rhythmic serialism hits you right in the face from first listen, layers upon layers swirling around as the tracks progress. As with pretty much all of Fell's work both solo and as SND, this is not a record that's going to provide immediate gratification. Once you've put in a few listens though, the odd structures start to feel natural, the odd phrase lengths start to feel standard, the sounds begin to gel. To me that's the real beauty of Mark Fell's ideas, holding out to find those small bits of relief in a huge wash of tension, only to find out it was never really all that tense to begin with.

– Clay Wilson

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