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The Von Bondies - Love, Hate and Then There's You

The Von Bondies - Love, Hate and Then There's You

Valentine’s Day is a probably one of the strangest days of the year – we are supposed to celebrate all things lovey-dovey and sweet, and yet each year is filled with increasing amounts of hatred towards the 14th, thus nullifying the entire point of having a day to appreciate such sugary affection. The tug between the two camps (those that love the day vs. those that dread the day) is enough to make any person dizzy. Am I a sucker for buying into the chocolate and flowers? Am I too cynical when I decide not to celebrate? Whatever you decide to do, someone is going to have a reason or two why you are wrong and why you should or should not observe the 14th of February.

Hence, the perfect record to go with such a confusing day is Love, Hate, and Then There’s You by the Von Bondies. This title embodies the truth of most relationships whether you are single or taken, and it could be interpreted in one of many ways which perfect for whatever you mood may be during the pink and red festivities. If you’re dating your sweetheart, give them this record and they’ll feel as if your bond surpasses the trivial love/hate dynamic of most relationships. If you’re alone, buy this record for yourself and wallow in your lack of both love and hate, with a bottle of pink champagne and some candy.

Whatever your relationship status, this record will fill a void in your heart.

– Celeste Classon

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