19 February 2013 Stuff We Like

Fear of Men - Early Fragments

Fear of Men - Early Fragments

You know that whole “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign? Well I think there should be an alt music equivalent along the lines of real men listen to indie/twee pop. Full disclosure: I am a huge sucker for that whole Olympia, Washington/K Records scene that I wasn’t old enough to be a part of at the time. This is all beside the point. UK quartet Fear of Men released some of the catchiest indie pop tunes via seven inches/tapes last year and Kanine Records has done us all a favor by collecting them onto a twelve inch compilation this year. It’s amazing. I hear bits of Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap/The Softies) mixed with The Cranberries (what?!) plus Johnny Marr-esque pop hooks in the background. I don’t care if you’re into the heaviest stoner space rawk metal whatever, give this a fair listen and your heart will melt (..."into pieces, to feel safe, like it's normal"). Especially recommended for fans of Camera Obsucra, Veronica Falls and Comet Gain. Look out for their first US tour this March!

– Michael Mitchell

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