5 March 2013 Stuff We Like

Urbanears - Plattan (Cream)

Urbanears - Plattan (Cream)

Hey look, it’s those headphones you see everyone wearing on the train! Not only do they look cool, but they come in every color under the sun so you can even color coordinate your outfit to match, if that’s your thing. For a pair of over ear headphones, these fall on the cheaper end of the price spectrum but that doesn’t mean they are lacking in quality -- they still sound great, and they have a few features that make them stand out from other similarly-priced models. My favorite feature is probably the “zound plug”, which eliminates the need for a headphone splitter by allowing a friend to plug their headphones directly into the earcap. They also fold into a fist-sized package and have a fabric cord (no tangles). Nice!

– Kelsey Radcliffe

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