thun/der/heist (th?n\d?r\hist): The act of stealing another’s thunder, to trump another with something far more superior

Tag team Thunderheist - front woman Isis and soundsmith Grahm Zilla - drop from the top rope and hit the stage, over and over again. Sinuous swagger seeps from Zilla’s ominous basslines, while digi-horns blast the senses like homecoming marching bands and Moroder bears witness. Clutching the mic like a sceptre, African daughter Isis laces joints with lyrical angel dust, rich vocal foreplay brimming with braggadocio forte. You could be among thousands in a stadium, or intimate at your local bar… either way, if you’re in the front row, expect to get wet. Thunderheist sweats Belvedere and Red Bull, and sprays more hooks than a heavyweight championship bout.

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