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Bluenote Café Vinyl Box Set (Vinyl - 4LP)

Neil Young
Bluenote Café Vinyl Box Set (Vinyl - 4LP)


4LP Set

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4LP Set


Bluenote Café (4LP) 

Track Listing

Full Length Vinyl 1 

Side A
1 Welcome To The Big Room 
2 Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me 

Side B 
1 This Note’s For You
2 Ten Men Workin’
3 Life In The City

Full Length Vinyl 2 

Side A
1 Hello Lonely Woman 
2 Soul Of A Woman 
3 Married Man 
4 Bad News Comes To Town  


Side B
1 Ain't It The Truth 
2 One Thing 
3 Twilight  


Full Length Vinyl 3 

Side A
1 I'm Goin' 
2 Ordinary People   

Side B 
1 Crime in the City 
2 Crime Of The Heart  
3 Welcome Rap 
4 Doghouse 


Full Length Vinyl 4 

Side A 
1 Fool For Your Love 
2 Encore Rap 
3 On The Way Home 
4 Sunny Inside 


Side B 
1 Tonight’s The Night